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Welcome to
Peace It Together Studios

Have peace of mind by

knowing your music is in good hands.

A.J. Mason, also known as Bob Gnarly, or A-Juice, Producer and Mixing/Mastering Engineer as well as a multi-genre artist and songwriter with over a decade of experience and a passion for making music sound awesome, uses a unique approach for every artist, providing a unique and rewarding experience.
“I started doing this because I wanted my music to sound better. I’ve always loved listening to different genres of music, which led me to wanting to write different genres of music. I wanted those heavy hitting metal and rock mixes, those polished hip-hop tracks, raw and aggressive punk songs, smooth & warm reggae & RnB jams. The list goes on. I just knew that whatever music I made, I wanted it to have that wow factor. Being an artist myself gave me that understanding of how important quality production is.”

- A.J. Mason

Start making the music you write the release ready masterpieces you need. Get to the next step or continue down the right path in your musical journey by contacting us at Peace It Together Studios.

Studio Services


You put your heart and soul.. Your blood sweat and tears into your music. Dont Let it be overshadowed by poor mixes. Book your Mixing session at Peace It Together Studios and work with our experienced Mixing Engineer.  We can collaborate throughout the entire production process or send the raw stems to allow me to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy for the rest of your lives. Contact me to start Mixing today.



Allow me to use my experience and expertise to capture the best recording possible. It all starts at the source!


Contact me to set up a time for your Recording session today!


The most crucial and final step to ensuring your music is ready to be released. Contact us to find out more about our Mastering rates and availabilities.


Podcasting In Studio B

Alongside our incredible music production studio, We have an entire podcasting and content creations studio with Incredible Visual and Audio quality. The Possibilities are ENDLESS!!


 Contact to find out more!

On Air Sign

Vocal Editing/Pitch Correction

Self explanitory. I also offer guitar and drum editing as well!

Drum Editing/Replacement

Bad sounding drums? Snare is trash? Don’t worry. We can make them things slap like they should!

Percussion Set
Piano Keyboard

Beat Production

Exclusive instrumentals made just for you! I've produced and Co-Written for multiple artists across a wide variety of genres. Hip-Hop/Rap, RnB, Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Pop, Country, Reggae, EDM and more!


 Contact to find out more!

Project Needs

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